November 2, 2019

Jordyn- Class of 2020

Loved working with Jordyn 🙂

I am pretty sure that Jordyn’s session was just about peak color.  We enjoyed the leaves and the field with the ladder, because, as I told Jordyn, “ladders are trending”  😉


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November 2, 2019

Samantha- Class of 2020

I first met Samantha when she was about 6 years old.  We went to the same church, and back in the beginning of my business ( 13 years ago ) I would often ask family and friends if I could photograph them to build my portfolio.  Samantha’s mom was more than willing to let me photograph her children, I wish I could find the images now, but, that would take some looking as I think they are buried on my back up hard drives.

Tons of fun with Samantha, who about half way through the shoot I affectionately referred to as “Blinky” for the amount of times she blinked her eyes closed during the shoot.

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November 2, 2019

Julia- Class of 2020

I loved working with Julia and her mom!

Julia and her mom were troopers despite the cold.  Julia brought some pretty fall coats, including a beautiful London Fog coat that was a perfect fit with the golden leaves of fall.

Here is just a little preview of our shoot together earlier this evening <3


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October 10, 2017

Loved working with Anya and her mom.

Anya was interested in nature and woods, along with a little side of “urban decay” which was perfect for her bass guitar.

To see all of Anya’s images, you can check out her slideshow here:

Youtube slideshow

IMG_2771 IMG_2778bw IMG_2819 IMG_2847 IMG_2851 IMG_2871 IMG_2876 IMG_2929 IMG_2951 IMG_2986

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October 4, 2017

Gwynn- Class of 2018

Loved working with Gwynn, as she seemed up for anything! 

I am not completely sure why I think finding an old car given over to decay and weeds is like finding gold, but I appreciated Gwynn being my test model for it.

To see all of Gwynn’s shoot, you can view her YouTube slide show



IMG_2305 IMG_2314 IMG_2322 IMG_2362 IMG_2368 IMG_2418 IMG_2429 IMG_2468 IMG_2489 IMG_2516

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