August 31, 2015

Katie- Beavercreek Class of 2016

Katie brought a Victorian/Shabby Chic feel to her shoot, and I love it.  Part of the evening I will never forget was Katie calmly informing me that my arch nemesis, Mr Wasp, was very near to my hand on the pretty, red tree I was attempting to show Katie how to pose in…. yeah, we never revisited that tree after I went running down the street 🙂

Katie’s Slideshow


IMG_3194 IMG_3206 IMG_3227 IMG_3238 IMG_3248 IMG_3257 IMG_3262 IMG_3271 IMG_3275 IMG_3285bw IMG_3293 IMG_3296 IMG_3308 IMG_3320 IMG_3329 IMG_3348 IMG_3359 IMG_3382 IMG_3390 IMG_3409 IMG_3412

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