August 30, 2016

Kate- Northeastern High, Class of 2017

So much to say about Kate’s shoot!

First off, despite the fact that Kate’s mom booked early, we had to re-schedule, not once, but twice!  The weather was not on our side the first time, and the second time we lost our make-up artist, and finally, the third time was the charm 🙂

Ironically, though, we made it through the shoot bythe skin of our teeth, surrounded by thunder, and then toward the very end, lightening.

( which, is quite nice to view from inside your home, but not so much while standing in the middle of a field!)

Stranger yet, was while we heard the thunder and saw the lightening, we could look to the east, and the sun was shining and there were big, fluffy clouds in the sky.

  Anyhow, Kate was a trooper, and we made it through, and even brought out the orange love seat for the first time of the season ( love the loveseat, but that thing is HEAVY!)

So, here is Kate’s preview, and the link to her Youtube slideshow.

Make-up by A Vogue Idea Make-up Artistry


IMG_4766 IMG_4769 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4780bw IMG_4795 IMG_4801 IMG_4847 IMG_4859 IMG_4872 IMG_4881 IMG_4907 IMG_4916  IMG_4924 IMG_4926 IMG_4932 IMG_4959 IMG_4977 IMG_4978


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