September 26, 2016

Nathan- Class of 2017

What a great guy!

Loved hanging with Nathan and his mom, felt more like an adventure than a photoshoot, having been chastised on the bike path by a cyclist not wearing a helmet ( we were literally on a most obscure piece of the path! ), to getting the “stink eye” on a lane while taking pictures ( come on folks, smile, lighten up!)  😉

Nathan has a love of computers, X-box, photography, and his cat, that his literally grown up with him.

Great guy with a winning personality, I loved working with him, and he was quite gracious to allow me to tease him about being double jointed…. seriously, Nathan should have been a gymnast!

Click below for Nathan’s slideshow

Youtube Slideshow

img_5965 img_5972bw img_5978 img_5991bw img_5993 img_6001 img_6006 img_6013 img_6036 img_6043 img_6048 img_6054 img_6063 img_6088 img_6093 img_6101bw img_6102 img_6106 img_6116 lmp_3909

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