November 5, 2016

Jacen and Cameron

Admittedly, I was a little nervous about this shoot, I had never photographed twins before, and it was important, that even though they were being photographed at the same time, I made their images unique.

Jacen and Cameron’s personalities, immediately put me at ease, and the shoot went off just fine.

I had to laugh when I suggested that I would forget whose name went with each of them, when Jacen said, “Just remember, Cameron has the longer name, and he is longer ( taller), I have the shorter name”

That made me laugh, but in fairness, Cameron is over 6 foot tall!

YOUTUBE slideshow

img_7951 img_7961 img_7973 img_7980 img_7985 img_7994 img_8008bw img_8017bw img_8028 img_8032 img_8038 img_8043bw img_8045 img_8054 img_8090bw img_8098 img_8132

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