October 13, 2016

Chelsey, Class of 2017

Chelsey wanted all urban locations, and we had fun with her, her mom, her sisters and even her doggie.

Chelsey, you look amazing!, you made my job easy :)

Chelsey’s YouTube Slideshow

img_7260 img_7298bw img_7302 img_7303 img_7318bw img_7331 img_7339 img_7366 img_7370 img_7393 img_7406 img_7412 img_7417 img_7447bw img_7462 img_7478 img_7489 img_7494

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October 6, 2016

Katlyn- Class of 2017

I know that I keep saying this, but maybe it is because I just attract the nicest, most fun clients?  I just had a great time with Katlyn and her parents, Denise and Rick.

I don’t always call parents out on my blog, but Rick was a superb reflector assistant, not only did he understand light, but he knew how to fold my reflector!!!  ( trust me, this is HUGE..lol)

Katlyn did wonderfully, and was up for anything, and I believe that it shows in her beautiful images.

To see all of Katlyn’s images, you can click here: Youtube Slideshow

Make-up by A Vogue Idea Make-up Artistry

img_6463 img_6471 img_6483 img_6488 img_6492 img_6542 img_6557 img_6561 img_6570 img_6584 img_6598 img_6644 img_6647 img_6657 img_6660 img_6673 img_6675 img_6686 img_6698 img_6704 img_6712 img_6724 img_6729

I wish I had thought to get a picture of Katlyn’s dad holding the huge 6 foot reflector in the air in an attempt to shield the sun from this shot ;)

img_6752 walk1


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October 4, 2016

Daniel- Class of 2017

What a great guy to work with!  I loved meeting Daniel, his mom, and his sister for his shoot, and enjoyed our conversation during the 20 minute rain delay. :)

Enjoy the preview, I <3 the black and white close ups

Daniel’s Youtube Slideshow

img_6276 img_6284 img_6298 img_6313bw img_6323bw img_6339 img_6341 img_6358bw img_6376 img_6383 img_6389 img_6410 img_6413 img_6431 img_6433bw img_6436 img_6441 img_6457

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September 26, 2016

Nathan- Class of 2017

What a great guy!

Loved hanging with Nathan and his mom, felt more like an adventure than a photoshoot, having been chastised on the bike path by a cyclist not wearing a helmet ( we were literally on a most obscure piece of the path! ), to getting the “stink eye” on a lane while taking pictures ( come on folks, smile, lighten up!)  ;)

Nathan has a love of computers, X-box, photography, and his cat, that his literally grown up with him.

Great guy with a winning personality, I loved working with him, and he was quite gracious to allow me to tease him about being double jointed…. seriously, Nathan should have been a gymnast!

Click below for Nathan’s slideshow

Youtube Slideshow

img_5965 img_5972bw img_5978 img_5991bw img_5993 img_6001 img_6006 img_6013 img_6036 img_6043 img_6048 img_6054 img_6063 img_6088 img_6093 img_6101bw img_6102 img_6106 img_6116 lmp_3909

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September 22, 2016

Alisa, Class of 2017

Loved working with Alisa and both of her parents on the shoot, mom and dads are always welcome, as long as they don’t mind hauling some of my stuff, and holding the reflector ;)

To see Alisa’s Youtube Slideshow, just click


img_5666 img_5674 img_5679 img_5704bw img_5733 img_5741 img_5761 img_5775 img_5781bw img_5787 img_5801 img_5814 img_5829 img_5834 img_5844 img_5852 img_5864 img_5901 img_5915 img_5921 img_5926 img_5933 img_5941


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