May 20, 2015

Alaina and Daniel are getting married

For two photographers that don’t shoot weddings, photographing 3 engagement sessions in less than 2 weeks is nothing short of ….well funny 🙂

We still get inquiries for weddings, and I end up referring them to my other photographer friends, and in the case of the last 3 engagements shoots, we are only photographing one of the weddings.

We have known Alaina for what seems like forever, way back when my daughter Megan was in high school and youth group. Alaina was introduced to us through mutual friends, and her and Megan have remained friends over the years.

Alaina is a silly, fun loving girl, and she was full of mischief when we photographed her last night, I am so glad she hasn’t changed, and I wish her and Daniel years of happiness.

Here is their slideshow of their shoot  Alaina and Daniels Slideshow

And here are some of my favorite shots from last night.


IMG_0762 IMG_0774 IMG_0795bw IMG_0836bw IMG_0841 IMG_0848 IMG_0854 IMG_0862 IMG_0870 IMG_0875 IMG_0887 IMG_0896bw

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